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I purchased a van from Autoloan finders after a 6 hour! first meeting with them..after making a $800 pick up payment they sold my account to Independent Dealers Advantage who up'd my payments over $150 a month!

After arguing with IDA for weeks over the increase I was finally told by a supervisor that I could get out from under the loan...they turned the GPS sytstem in the car off and said they would send someone out for the car...7 weeks later somone finally came to pick up the car...then IDA decided to sue me for over $4000! Auto Loan Finders and the banks they work with are *** of the earth...dont use them...they have had many complaints and have even been on the local new...the BBB has many complaints and unsatisfactory status on this company..dont be so desperate as to go through these people...they live their lives to screw yours up!!

Review about: Auto Loan Finders Loan.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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This review sounds like a bunch of ***. Obviously, you didn't pay attention to anything they were telling you when you purchased the car.


well my car was taken within three weeks a month did not even pass and was taken from my job for missing one payment and even talked with the guy but he refused the payment I was trying to make can you explain this. I have 8 witness to this conversation....

Mcminnville, Tennessee, United States #120652

We are very sorry that your experience did not turn out better, we always make every effort to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible.

During your contracting and exit interview process it would have been made very clear as to who would be handling your loan. More time than not IDA will handle the loan and there are several documents that you would have signed indicating your understanding of that fact. Your payments with IDA should have also been set at this time.

While we cannot speak on behalf of IDA, it is extremely irregular and unlikely for them or any other financial institution to allow anyone out of a loan that they are contractually bound to without having paid it off. Also if seven weeks pass of no payments on your vehicle, a lender doesn’t just “come pick it up”, generally at that point a repossession is what occurs.

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