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I went to auto loan finders for a car because of my credit. I gave them all of my information, and I was told that I was approved.

Two days down the line the car starts burning alot of oil. I meaning I'm buying oil by the galloon, which is so ridiculous. Then after getting approve I find out that I have to bring six hundred dollars to them within a two week priod. After paying them all that they say I need a co signer or give them the car back.

What? What the *** do I look like giving them a car back? They should of never gave me the car and looked over all of my paper work right then and there. Now I want my money back and the can have the crappy car.

Oh then they say that you won't get all of your money back, after they see how many miles you have drov it from when they sold it to you.

So will get a lawyer if I continue to have problems with this agency. Wish I would of never went to them.

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Monetary Loss: $1.

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Bull guys are good at selling *** - PERIOD!!! You take advantage of people in desparate situations - you even play the wait and see game disguised as "shopping" a loan...bait and number screw ups purposely word KARMA...


Look folks it's simple as this - if you have bad credit or are credit challenged - do NOT - I repeat - do NOT go to Auto Loan Finders - period! They are ripoffs, you WILL get your loan sold to another company...matter of fact the first Finance Co.

may even LAUGH at you for going through AutoLoan Finders in the first rep did, actually she gave me her condolences...I'm stuck - short of going bankrupt! Go ANYWHERE but NOT go to Auto Loan Finders...

Mcminnville, Tennessee, United States #93600

If you have been having mechanical problems with your engine, like burning a lot of oil, which should be covered under the Extended Service Contract – so long as it has not been 4 months or 3,000 miles. We cannot discuss the terms of your loan or your financial status on-line, but we can assure you that we completed every check necessary to ensure you would be able to handle the vehicle.

We are terribly sorry that this situation has developed and we are confident that we can come to a resolution that will satisfy both parties.

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