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3 days after I purchase the vehicle I couldnt drive it they cut the car off asking for more than 7% of staye taxes and they repossed it after a week and 3 days either way it go I couldnt drive it.they called me over a month to come purchase a car from them and when I finally did they took it from me I didnt get a chance to drive it.a rental car is better than dealing with them I put in a complaint with consumer affair,tax analyst,and tax commissioner but before I left their with the car he gave me a paper to ask for an extension for my tag cause they get their cars from flordia wow big timer needs a rextension they are doing tax fraud legal aid here I come oh and I reported them to fox 5 STAY AWAY FROM THE DEVIL HIM SELF I WANT OBAMA AND OPRAH TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE

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